When I think of old, beautiful buildings, my mind tends to go to the ones clad with low reliefs sculptures, gothic spires, ones with marble inlays at the entrances, or to the well-preserved facades of some historic downtown buildings. What I sometimes fail to remember when I look at exteriors, like the one of our new company office, is that the beauty of a historic building isn’t always skin deep. Like other forms a beauty, it can sometimes be locked away inside.

The building has had a few different lives. When it was built, it was First Federal Savings and Loan, then it was converted into a standard office space. As a result, the building has figurative and literal layers, like sheetrock over panels kind of layers.  When we bought the building the office areas had suspended grid ceilings and carpeted floors. When we lifted the tiles out of the grid to see what was hiding above, we were hopeful that the existing plaster ceiling would be in good enough shape for us to remove the acoustic ceiling grid. That would give us another foot of height and a more modern appearance. As for the carpet, we were all dreaming of that HGTV moment where the homeowners pull back a corner to reveal beautiful wooden floors. There were no wood floors below the carpet at the ground level, but the plaster ceiling was in okay shape judging by the couple of tiles we removed. That’s when Christina asked if we should poke a hole in the plaster.

Under the gross grid ceiling, behind the additional layer of 12”x12” ceiling tiles, and under the plaster ceiling might be old construction, old wood construction. We might have beautiful heavy timber beams. It would be a calculated risk though. I mean, we might be poking a hole into a perfectly good plaster ceiling, thus making the grid ceiling a mandatory cover-up.

We poked a whole in the ceiling and…








Beautiful old growth beams!










And not just in the office area, but the whole building






























Oh, and then we pulled the carpet upstairs…










And got our HGTV moment!













And then we did something that still kind of shocks me.

We cut a hole in the wall and found…










Next week’s blog post 😉