As Beyoncé once did, when life gives you lemons, you make Lemonade. We’re clearly not Beyoncé, and this blog post will pale in comparison to that album, but we did make the best out of an otherwise bad situation.

Being the budding start-up that we are, with the self-assigned task of gutting and renovating an old historic building on a short deadline and budget, we were running into challenges. Having a leaky roof with no clear evidence of entry, insufficient existing HVAC, and the minutiae of other expenses wrapped up in a remodel, we had a hefty bill on our hands. And we didn’t have finishes yet.  Thankfully though, our friends were there to help us out.

Our rep and friend, Tom, assuaged the situation by generously donating all of carpet and LVT that was to go into our new office. This donation greatly controls the rate at which our building, seemingly comprised of four walls, treasure troves, and a myriad of unfortunate existing conditions, was draining our budget. We are, and will continue to be for the rest of eternity, beyond grateful to him.

There was one minor error to this great fortune though…

We didn’t order enough to go in our break room.

And, between our deadline and budget, did not have time to order more.

It wasn’t the end of the world. We could just use the existing, albeit, gross floor. But maybe there was another option for us. We came together as a team to find a solution. Our solution was, as our FedEX delivery guy would later describe it, “KICK!” We are really excited about it too.

Our solution? Use the carpet and LVT samples we have been holding onto to make a collage inspired floor finish.

We taped down the dimensions of the breakroom on the floor of our office and laid out the samples we wanted to use.

Once we adjusted the samples the way we wanted them, we numbered them on the back for the installer. It’s also important to note that we labeled the carpet samples on left hand side of this image as pieces that the contractor could trim. The rest were to be installed exactly as they were.

In the end, we are very happy with this floor! What do you think?