UPDATE: The Vault

When we left off on the bank vault, it was a small, unlit cement room that we didn’t know what to do with. We brainstormed practical uses, like a storage closet, but couldn’t let the cool vault serve such a mundane purpose. We also cringed at the idea of telling office guests that the awesome, bright yellow vault was a storage closet. Turning it into a small space for our materials library seemed like a good idea, but the space really isn’t big enough, or bright enough, to hold a sample table and sample books too. Also, why would we have a second sample room when we had a large one upstairs anyways. Maybe a lunch room? Once again, just too small and awkward.

That’s when we decided to invent something. We started by asking ourselves what we thought would be a cool space, that maybe didn’t have any other utility than to be something we’d enjoy. Some of our most favorite ideas included: our own gallery, a swanky speakeasy bar, a karaoke studio, a room reminiscent of a break room at Google’s headquarters full of bean bags, and a very avant-garde room where you could go to break things. What we landed on is a blend of many of these things.

We invented the Idea Room! A room you go into and let the muse do its work.


The Idea Room comes equipped with a bar table for four, a wet bar, and a very cool light fixture comprised of 10 metaphorically suspended Edison light bulbs. The walls have been painted with clear, dry erase paint that will allow us to sketch ideas there in the moment. I’d happily demonstrate, but the paint takes 5 days to cure.