The Bank Vault

You don’t have to have any house hunting experience to walk into a house and know what each room was intended to be. There are the obvious rooms like the kitchen, living room, which bedroom is the master, but even secondary rooms seem to have a built-in intention to them. The long room off the kitchen is probably intended to be the dining room. The smaller room with the built-in casework, the study. Apart from turning a basement into a play room or a “man cave,” or turning a guest room into a home office, we don’t really create new types of rooms. Even as professional designers, we didn’t have much experience with creating one when we were faced with what kind of room the bank vault should be.

The building we are transforming into our new headquarters used to be a bank back in its day. When you walk in, there is a large room, a room off to the right intended to be a conference room, a stairway straight ahead, and next to it, in the center of the back wall is the bank vault. The bank vault looks really cool. It looks like a door that guarded gold bars and bags of coins with money symbols on it.  It has a large, heavy metal door with the original, still operable twist lock. And when the door is open you can see its thick locking prongs retracting in its sides. But past the cool door, the vault itself posed a challenge for us.

Behind that really cool door is a small, windowless room with no other intended purpose than to be a bank vault. That’s when we had to ask ourselves: What should the bank vault be? Turn it into anoffice? It’s too small to be an office. A storage room? What a letdown it would be to learn that the old bank vault just housed copy paper and cleaning supplies though. We went through a slew of options before we decided to invent a room.

How We Invented a Room

We started by asking ourselves what we thought would be a cool space, that maybe didn’t have any other utility than to be something we’d enjoy. Once we stopped looking at the space as room with an intended purpose, the ideas just kept rolling. What if it was our own gallery? What if it was a swanky bar? What if it was a karaoke studio? What if it was full of bean bags and looked like a room out of Google’s headquarters? What if it was a room you could go in a break things? We were electrified! Everyone on our team came up with so many fresh, imaginative and some truly inventive ideas that we were all excited about, realistic or not.

Our New Room

We are very excited about what the bank vault will be now. We think it will be something that not only we can enjoy, but maybe even our clients if they’re feeling adventurous.  What did we turn the bank vault into, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to stick around and see.