Happy St Patrick’s Day! We hope you are ready to don your green and raise your boot of local beer on high this Friday. We are definitely ready. But instead of just wearing green to work, we decided to try something new, something to inspire the muse and keep our creative brains sharp. Solution? A St Patrick’s Day Charrette, one where you could design anything you wanted with one caveat: You have to use green. Green the color? Maybe. Green as in “eco-friendly” design? Perhaps. Could the green just be a design element, like a green couch in a yellow room? Who knows! It was up to each of us to decide what “green” meant.

We all got together for lunch, ordered some pizza (the ultimate brain food), set the clock for an hour, and started sketching.









Check out what we came up with.



















1.Green Parking Space

How to give our parking lot a makeover – The new parking lot we are about to inherent with our move is pretty bleak. This design adds some much needed greenery and Varitone identity to make all those parking in the back lot feel welcome into our firm.











2. Cooling Greens

This freestanding, zigzagging partition wall acts as a privacy screen that offers evaporative cooling when placed in an air flow, and improved indoor air quality when enclosed in a space. The wall uses modular blocks (block material and shape TBD in another charrette!) to contain the plants, soil and watering system.











3. Spa on the Go!

Treat yo’ self anytime, anywhere with Spa on the Go! This hitch-on design is inspired by some personal interest and the mobile, compact design of Tiny Homes. Turn any weekend trip into a weekend at the sauna.  Invite your friends!











4. Urban Trails

This conceptual design proposes a solution for underutilized streets — Turn them into urban trails!











5. Roof Terrace

And finally, inspired by the open roof next to the second floor portion of our new building, a dreamy outdoor space! This design utilizes turf grass and low maintenance shrubs to create an outdoor mini park on our roof. The furniture and structures designs were inspired by our downtown parklet.


Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone!