Next week we move into the new place! Which means our faceted flooring is being installed this week. You may remember us mentioning this from an earlier blog post, but we felt that this cool new flooring deserved a spotlight of its own.

First there were square tiles, then skinny planks, now we have facets!


The faceted flooring is available in in vinyl (LVT) and carpet. They can be used together or separate. We are using the LVT facets with square carpet tile.

The facet shape of the LVT and carpet do not have visible seams. The facet shape is only evident in the pattern of the LVT or carpet, transition areas, or where colors are blended together.


If you want to made a unique element to your project, let’s consider using facets in your space. If you’re unsure about them, come see them in person at our office (Moving days 29-31)